Timber Grane

Use occasion

Mainly used for forestry eucalyptus, pine, acasia, crassi, carpa, to pull upand bunching from hill or valley.

Easy to operate

the cylinder has a two-way buffer to effectively absorb shock and vibration.

Improve efficiency

The output of each equipment is 80-100m3 per shift per day , which brings high economic benefits to customers , which is twice as efficient as manual construction.

More Safety Working

Greatly reduce the risk of construction, avoid casualties in traditional manual operations , be efficient and safe , and speed up forestry construction progress.

Telescopic boom 325L
Total arm length(m) 10.2
Maximum total length of arm extension(m) 25
Effective arm length(m) 18
Qty of boom section 3
Arm weight(tons) 2.1
Grapple rotation 360°
Maximum gripping weight(KG) 400
Maximum opening of grapple(mm) 930

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