Double Cylinder Grapple For stone, scrap steel grabs

For Stone, Scrap Steel grabs, Wood and other large scraps handling, moving, loading and organizing


1. The 360-degree continuous full-rotation double-cylinder crapple is one of the excavator attachment. It is specially designed, developed and manufactured for the specific work requirements of the excavator. The 360-degree continuous full-rotation and double-cylinder is mainly suitable for handling wood, pasture, sugarcane, stone, scrap metal, etc. It is widely used in farms, forest farms, quarries, waste yards and other places to realize agricultural mechanization, improve work efficiency, and reduce operating costs.

2. The grapple control method adopts an electronic control handle operating system, equipped with imported solenoid valves, which can control the rotation speed.

3. It can rotate 360 degrees clockwise and counter clockwise, and the operation is smooth.

4. It can be stalled on 10t-15t excavator, Suitable for loading and unloading of sugarcane, pine, fir and other construction occasions. Greatly improving work efficiency and greatly saving labor costs.

Specifications 100S 15S







Whole Grapple

Grapple Type double cylinder/Five-Jaw grapple/without connecting bar
Steel material Q355B
Optional electric control Yes
Height when clamped(mm) 1302 1620
Height when opened(mm) 1235 1540
Width of inner/outer clamp(mm) 224/362 322/492
Open Width Max(mm) 1200±20 1600±20
Minimum holding circle(mm) ≦φ110 ≦φ110
Maximum holding circle(mm) φ500 φ600
Weight (excluding rotation)kg 400 738
Suitable Excavator(Ton) 6-10 10-20

Rotation Support

Rotation method(grapple) external meshing vertical rotation external meshing vertical rotation
Module / raceway diameter M5/224 M5/315

Rotation Motor

Motor type Cycloid motor Cycloid motor
Pressure(Mpa) 16 16

Hydraulic cylinder

Rod diameter/bore size 40/70 45/80
Pressure(Mpa) 21 21
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