Log Harvester Head with free segment cutting


1.Outstanding performance
Computer version control, free setting of cutting length, more accurate segmentation cutting, automatic feeding, automatic debranching, blocking processing, flow self-adaptation, automatic chain saw tensioning, easier operation

2.Smooth operability

Autonomous programming control system. Operation is more in line with the actual needs of felling and user operating habits:
3. Excellent working efficiency and economy

Targeted design, optimal host matching, High cutting efficiency and low fuel consumption.

4.Features of wood harvester
A. Maximum felling diameter 360mm
B. The cutting length is accurate and the efficiency is high:
C. High intelligence.

Chain Saw
Cutting diameter of chain saw (Max) 360mm
Length of guide plate 18mm
Chain pitch 0.404m
Chain oil tank capacity 4.5L
Quantity of rollers 2+ auxiliary tug
Roller diameter 371mm
Maximum opening of roller 400mm
Maximum feed force of roller 16KN
Maximum feed speed of roller 5-6m/s
Quantity of knives 2+1
Knife point environmental protection diameter 330mm
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