Heavy Duty Steel Shear

for large steel cutting- Railway Track, beam, scrap car beam


The equipment mainly used in steel structure cutting, scrap car dismantling and etc.

With a  particularly prominent in aspects of scrap steel processing plants, scrap ship dismantling plants and steel structure workshops demolition.


1 Equipment Model 250R
2 Suitable Excavator 28~39ton

(Install on front arm)

3 Suitable Excavator 20~28ton

(Install on long reach arm)

4 Max Opening 550mm
5 Blade Depth 620mm
6 Max Working Pressure 32MPa
7 Whole Length 3620mm
8 Hydraulic Motor Power 150ml/r,USA Danfoss
9 Hydraulic Control Valve USA Danfoss
10 Weight 3900kgs

Hydraulic motor drive(360°rotating),with accelerated valve

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